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{Worth the Wait} Hasse Family

I am a true believe that a referral is the best form of flattery. Even better than a referral is returning clients. I had the privilege of photographing senior photos for the Hasse family at the peak of fall. As we exited the gloomy months of winter I was flattered when they reached out for a family session.

Part of working with my clients in understanding what vision they have for our session. I left our initial discussion looking for a location that offered both a barn and a covered bridge. After endless internet research I came across The Grand Ravines.

I am a planner. Instead of booking our session straight away I needed to scout the location entirely. Thankfully I completed my pre-approach work because the desired shooting locations were covered in mud from the winter thaw. In this case I suggested that we delay our session. The truth is I wanted to deliver a gallery consistent with my client’s expectations. Based on our discussion I knew that standing in a mud field with no tree cover was not the ideal conditions.

In the end the wait was worth it. I am pleased to present some of the final images from this gallery. As always, thankful for the Hasse family & the opportunity to work with them once again.

Crystal Snider is a portrait photographer based in Dorr, MI and servicing Western Michigan. Areas of service include but are not limited to Byron Center, Dorr, Hopkins, Wayland, Shelbyville, Allegan, Caledonia, Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Hudsonville, Grandville.

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