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{Birthday Wishes} Ava

Let’s be honest fall time is the busiest time of the year & I am notorious for overcommitting myself between photography, my full-time job and life as a mom. In turn I use the winter to hibernate and relax, but by the time spring arrives the creative itch is killing me. I always know the key sessions that foreshadow the season to come. Like clockwork it starts with sweet Ava. I have been lucky enough to photograph Ava four times. Ever spring we have a session to celebrate her upcoming birthday & each year I am surprised how much she has grown.

Sharing a images from our studio session this year & sending all the birthday wishes to sweet Ava.

Crystal Snider is a portrait photographer based in Dorr, MI and servicing Western Michigan . Services include family, children and senior portraits. Areas of service include but are not limited to Byron Center, Dorr, Hopkins, Wayland, Shelbyville, Allegan, Caledonia, Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Hudsonville, Grandville.

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