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Kindness is Contagious

Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to have that one special person that goes above and beyond. Perhaps that person has stood next to you during the darkest days, has been your biggest cheerleader or maybe challenged you to become the best version of yourself. Whatever the circumstance, I hope as you ponder my words there is one key person that comes to mind in your life.

This story is inspired by Linden. Linden has long been involved in my family and continues to offer love, support and unconditional kindness. The photos below are not the first, but the SECOND time she worked tirelessly to pull off a true gift of love. Imagine wrangling 10 individuals, most children for a portrait session. Not only did Linden orchestrate schedules, but she planned and purchased the wardrobe for the group.

Did I mention these are not Linden’s children? This portrait session and the efforts that went into executing it were done as a surprise gift to the mother. I am fortunate enough to know Linden and call these beautiful children family. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have a “Linden” in their life.

I think it goes without saying kindness is contagious.

Crystal Snider is a portrait photographer specializing in children, senior, newborn and family portraits. Crystal Snider Photography is based in Dorr, MI and servicing Western Michigan . Areas of service include but are not limited to Byron Center, Dorr, Hopkins, Wayland, Shelbyville, Allegan, Caledonia, Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Hudsonville, Grandville, Ada, Holland, Kalamazoo.


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