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Hello World {Harper}

Say hello to sweet, little, squishy Harper Grace. I was lucky enough to have Harper in my studio a mere 5 days after her proud momma welcomed her into the world for a newborn photography session. Harper ROCKED her photo shoot and slept like a little angel, barely making a peep. ​​

I have been lucky enough to photograph sweet babies at various ages. Many photographers outline specific age ranges for newborn photography & I too have some basic recommendations. My experience has indicated that the best time frame for newborn photography is 5-10 days after birth. Within this range newborns are more likely to stay asleep longer & curl up for those melt your heart poses. When they get close to the 10 day + range they love to stretch those tiny little arms & legs and are not fond of being wrapped tight into a cute little bundle.

Will I photograph a baby after the recommended time frame, of course! Just because you have missed the recommended window for newborn photos does not mean that you should not have a professional photo of your sweet baby.

Crystal Snider is a portrait photographer based in Dorr, MI and servicing Western Michigan . Areas of service include but are not limited to Byron Center, Dorr, Hopkins, Wayland, Shelbyville, Allegan, Caledonia, Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Hudsonville, Grandville.

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