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{Sunflower Love} Bruin

The third time's the charm they say. McKenna and I met over coffee to discuss her senior portrait session. As we sipped on our Bigby we reviewed her Pinterest roll and one thing was clear, a sunflower patch was in our future. When we left our meeting I had a clear task in find a sunflower patch. The hunt was on.

After logging some hours on google, reaching out to everyone I knew and driving the back roads of Allegan, Michigan my search fell short. Sure there were a few random rows of sunflowers to be found, but nothing grand! I had this idea in my head of rolling sunflowers waist high, but small in overall size. Perhaps my criteria was too harsh. McKenna was on the same search for this dreamy patch. Then one blissful summer morning on my daily drive I spotted the most magnificent patch on a plot of land just a few houses down from McKenna and on property I drive by daily! How could I have missed this?

McKenna and I met for our first session in early summer. We started our journey in downtown Allegan and ended our time together at Wayland High School on the soccer and football field. McKenna is a star athlete, awesome soccer player and kicker for the Wayland football team (GO GIRL). Our jam packed first session left little time to capture photos at the sunflower patch. At our second session planned for the sunflower patch the weather did not cooperate and needless to say we ran out of daylight.

The day of our third and final session was one of the hottest days of the summer. Literally sweaty, hair raising humid HOT. One of the inside challenges that can happen with humidity is a DSLR camera can fog. Knowing this in advance I set my camera and gear out almost an hour in advance to get accustom to the temperature. Well lets just say my camera was NOT ready. Upon arrival and in the beating sun of the patch guess what fogged up? You guessed it, my camera. Poor McKenna stood in the direct sun patiently waiting for our session to start.

Three separate adventures, many miles and locations, but I could not be happier with the final result.

Crystal Snider is a senior portrait photographer based in Dorr, MI and servicing Western Michigan . Services include family, children and senior portraits. Areas of service include but are not limited to Byron Center, Dorr, Hopkins, Wayland, Shelbyville, Allegan, Caledonia, Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Hudsonville, Grandville.

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